We have emigrated recently to Aspe / Alicante / Spain and operate a Quiet, friendly mini private camp 1 km from Aspe.
We come from Holland, but we also speak English!

Our campsite is on the way to southern Spain, Morocco and Portugal.

We are open all year. Feel free to visit us, for short or long time, also in the winter.

In the surrounding area there is plenty to see and in the scenery is perfect for hiking and cycling; for motorcyclists there are beautiful mountain roads.

Aspe has many charming shops, 6 supermarkets, 2 x weekly market, every day a covered hall with fresh products, 67 bars/restaurants, many beautiful places and historic buildings.

In the immediate vicinity is a great 18-hole golf course, tennis etc.

Elche is 10 km, the renowned town of 50,000 palm trees and historic buildings and the University. Elche is a World Heritage Site!

17 km away is the bustling coastal city of Alicante, with many historic buildings, museums, Ramblas, bustling shopping streets, the beach and harbor.


Incl .:  Electricity (in the winter time have we a little bit less, refrigerator on gas.), pool, hot showers, loan bike, clean water and pet.  Good Wi-Fi for € 1,50 a day.
We have also bread and   hiking/biking trails excursions service.

Our house is located in the interior, north-east of Aspe, we live on the outside of the Aspe and will not let you into the center of Aspe send by the navigation system! Continue on the street Av. Cortes Valancianas and add in the navigation system. is parallel to the street Av. Padre Ismael, then go in the middle of the street, turn right into the street, then stop at the first fork and hold the second fork to the right. This street is called Para Medina. After 800 meters you will find on the right side of our mini-camp.

GPS code: N 38°21’09”,  W 0°44’59”

Do you want our pricelist, just send me a e-mail.

Take a picture of the directions, so you can read it in your motorhome.
If you can not find it, call us!
Mobiel: 0034-658719426 or write info@casatonymar.nl